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BUDAPETS Pet 60 Count Hemp Chews | Calming Support for Dogs | 5.3 Oz / Beef, Cheese, Bacon Flavor

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This unique formulation combines hemp seed with a calming matrix of active ingredients. Generating a solution that promotes the reduction of hyperactivity and helps to bring a sense of calmness. Hemp seed supports normal healthy brain activity and nerve function and Omega 3 Fatty Acids from hemp support healthy cognitive function and regular disposition. Extracts of chamomile, valerian root, ginger root help to maintain normal emotional balance and L-theanine will help your pet relax.

ORGANIC HEMP SEED OIL ► A plant-based ingredient with properties that have been shown to help and give support to canines with external stressors. 

L-THEANINE ►An amino acid that promotes safe brain wave stimulation to achieve relaxation without drowsiness.

CHAMOMILE ► A calming natural herb that supports the alleviation of restlessness and anxiousness.

VALERIAN ROOT ► A natural calming aid that can help to ease tense and hypersensitive behavior

L-TRYPTOPHAN ►An amino acid that helps to decrease destructive behavior and impulsivity and promotes mood stability